In Hillary Nation, it’s all about the Queen.

The delusion is still not over. Even though Barak Obama has won the necessary delegates to be nominated as the Democratic candidate for president, Hillary Clinton continues to drum out her own self-absorbed narcissism. Like a stubborn child, she’s just not going to share her toys with anyone. She’s seen the scoreboard and refuses to acknowledge that she’s lost. Now she wants more time on the clock or a share of the glory.

Perhaps it’s because Hillary Clinton’s mind is conditioned to believe lies and reject the truth. Is she able to accept the truth?

As a lifelong Democrat, I was saddened by Hillary Clinton’s lack of concession. At the moment that she had a chance to contribute powerfully to a huge morale boost for the Party, she kept the spotlight on herself instead, not relinquishing one molecule of power to the winner. Instead she said this,

Now the question is, where do we go from here, and given how far we’ve come and where we need to go as a party, it’s a question I don’t take lightly. This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight. But this has always been your campaign, so to the 18 million people who voted for me and to our many other supporters out there of all ages, I want to hear from you. I hope you’ll go to my website at and share your thoughts with me and help in any way that you can.

That paragraph was unsettling and furthermore confirms how bad an Obama-Clinton ticket would be. The Clintons are all about power, leverage, dirty tricks, and doing things the inside-Washingon way. We need real change in this country and there’s no way it’s going to happen with Hillary Clinton as VP. She will hurt the Democratic ticket, and if elected, she will be a lightning-rod for investigations and constant assault. She inspires, but not the kind that is good for the morale and future of the nation.


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  1. LIke it’s her ball to take home if she can’t play?

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